Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego

Stokes Salamin’s expertise in litigation and real property gives it a unique advantage in representing clients in lawsuits arising from personal injuries on another’s property.

Personal injuries on another’s property may occur anywhere, including in houses, condos, restaurants, supermarkets, retailers, and offices.  The injuries may occur as a result of negligent maintenance or dangerous conditions on the property — and notably, commercial enterprises and stores owe a heightened duty to visitors and customers.

Specific incidences of injury include falls, cuts and lacerations, falling objects, and criminal activity, like assault, battery, or even rape.

In addition to the costs of medical treatment, injuries on another’s property can cause an inability to work, permanent disability, emotional distress, and – at worse – death.  Our lawyers have handled a wide variety of injury claims from hotel bed bug attacks, cuts on hotel furniture, bar fights, rodent infestations, to a negligent response to a customer’s heart attack at a gym.

San Diego Lawyers for Personal Injury on Another’s Property

We combine our specialization in litigation and real estate to zealously represent clients in lawsuits for personal injury on another’s property in San Diego.  For more information about our approach contact us at 619-696-0017 for a case evaluation.